DIY Networking

DIY networking is an umbrella term for different types of grassroots networking, such as wireless community networks, mesh networks, ad-hoc and delay-tolerant networks, stressing on the possibility that wireless technology offers to create "offline" or "off-the-cloud" local area networks (LAN), which can operate outside the Internet.

There is often criticism on the use of the term Do It Yourself to characterize collective action projects, such as the creation of a network. Alternative terms, more “collaborative”, include Do It With Others, Do It Together, or Do It Ourselves. The preference for the term DIY is first practical, since it is a common abbreviation that does not need explanation. But it also stresses the fact that although it is not possible to build a whole network by yourself, you can indeed build by yourself, or yourselves, one of its nodes. And even if this node is often built using off-the-shelf commercial equipment, it is still placed on your space, owned, installed, and maintained by you.

(This domain was created to host the web site of the DIY Networking Workshop at Mobisys 2015 and will updated soon with more up-to-date resources and interesting related projects.)