Interdisciplinary workshop
on DIY and community networking

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ATTENTION: Due to a low number of submissions the workshop is canceled!

The workshop will start with an interdisciplinarity session introduced by two tutorial-like keynotes, one on the engineering perspective and one on the social/urban perspective. Then we will have a "matching" session which will include on the one hand demos of working prototypes of DIY networking solutions as possible candidates for real life applications, and one the other hand posters or mock-ups of application ideas by social scientists and activists that could benefit by the use of DIY and community networking.

The afternoon session will follow the standard workshop format with the presentation of the accepted papers organized in panels with two discussants coming from different backgrounds and possibly a few invited presentations of seminal papers addressed to a more interdisciplinary audience.

All regular papers will be evaluated based on 3-4 reviews including 1-2 reviews by social scientists or engineers with demonstrated interdisciplinary work in the field.

The detailed programme will be announced on April 30, 2017